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Welcome to the All Around Horse Blog


Utah Reined Cow Horse Hackamore Class 2013

Horses are my passion! I can’t recall a time in my life that horses weren’t a part of it. My first experiences were following my dad around. We always had horses and they were my dads hobby.

When I started high school I was hired on at a ranch in eastern Colorado. There I started to learn about colt starting, roping, and general ranch work. I later worked on ranches in southern Utah. For many years I operated a successful colt starting business.

Ray Hunt really changed my life, although I didn’t exactly follow the path of most of the natural horsemanship folks. I now train and show reined cow horses and reining horses. Ray Hunt really got me on the right path, I learned to quit trying to force things and just let it happen.

I’ve had experience with rope horses, ranch horses, reining horses, cow horses, trail horses, and a variety of other disciplines. My goal with this blog is to use my wide range of experience to help other people with their horses. Most problems come from something missing in the foundation. My intention with these articles is to help the everyday horse owner. I plan on continuing my education. I know this is a journey with no end.