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Groundwork Essentials

Does your horse respect you on the ground? Do you wish you had a better relationship with your horse? In this video you will learn to create a … [Read more...]

Gathering Wild Cattle

For those who have never had the experience, gathering wild cattle is very different than handling gentle cattle. Sometimes you have to forget … [Read more...]

Misconceptions About Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship has been around for quite a while now. The first time I saw Ray Hunt was in about 1983. Ray was the man who started it all, at … [Read more...]

Remembering A.C. Ekker

Starting in 1990 I had the opportunity to work for A.C. Ekker. He had a ranch in Southeast Utah in the area called Robbers Roost. I worked for him for … [Read more...]

Do You Want a Better Horse?

Have you ever heard anyone say, "I just need a better horse". Have you ever thought this yourself? I've done this myself. Been watching someone who … [Read more...]

Indian Story

I heard a story one time about a government agent that went out to the Indian reservation to visit with the chief. After visiting for a while the … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned

Riding Rainbow Back in the mid-eighties, I was working for a ranch that wintered their cattle on the San Rafael Desert. Sometimes to supplement my … [Read more...]

The Dude Rides

One of the things I'll always remember the most about the time I spent at Robbers Roost is the dude rides. Because of the hot summers and cold winters … [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting

One fall out at the Robbers Roost, we were gathering cattle. A.C's uncle Ted Ekker came out to help for a while. Ted was getting were he couldn't ride … [Read more...]

Just Plain BS

This new category is for short stories that I may have seen or heard, That may or may not be true. … [Read more...]