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Just Plain BS

This new category is for short stories that I may have seen or heard, That may or may not be true. … [Read more...]

Rope Training

When I worked for A.C. Ekker, we spent much of our time in the winter training rope horses. He had a little grey horse named Casino I was riding. He … [Read more...]

Cold Desert Night

In the high desert country of southeastern Utah, the weather can get pretty extreme. I've seen it get 110 degrees in the summer, and 25 below in the … [Read more...]

Colt Starting

 My Opinion There are lots of ways to get your colt started now days. There are just as many opinions on how to go about it. One of the most … [Read more...]

Hobbling Horses

There seems to be a lot of opinions on restraining horses. Some people think it's the worst thing you could ever do to a horse. Others think it's the … [Read more...]

Horsemanship Progression

Sometimes, focusing on what we do day by day, it's hard to see much progress. Once in a while I have to step back and really look at how far I've … [Read more...]

Tavaputs Ranch

In the late nineties I had the opportunity to go up to Tavaputs Plateau, in the Bookcliffs of eastern Utah. I got to know the Jensen family, who … [Read more...]

Lead Changes “Preparation is the Key”

Lead changes seems to be a place a lot of people struggle. I know, I struggled with it for a while. Then when you get it, you wonder what the big deal … [Read more...]

Do You Have the Right Horse?

It can be real frustrating trying to train a horse for something he's not made to do. I'm not putting anyone's horse down, or any breed of horse's. … [Read more...]

Tips For Tying Young Horses

One of the hardest things to fix is a horse that hangs back when tied. It's almost like trying to cure an addict. It's always easier when they never … [Read more...]