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The Horse Trade

When I first started riding on San Rafael desert, in the early eighties, I was working for Gurney Land and Livestock. They ran their cattle on some … [Read more...]

Getting Your Horse Between Your Hands and Legs

What does it mean to keep your horse between your hands and legs? How much do you have to correct your horse? Try loping your horse in a circle in a … [Read more...]

Think About Your Horses Feet

Do you ever think about your horses feet while your riding? I don't mean thinking about if it's time to call the farrier again. I'm talking about … [Read more...]

Horse Training Tidbit

One Rein Stops I think this is one training technique that is misunderstood by a lot of people. To me the one rein stop is a colt starting thing, to … [Read more...]

Wild Bull Story

The range out at the robbers roost is quite unique. It's basically high desert, with big flats that disappear into big slick rock canyons. When A.C. … [Read more...]

Mistakes People Make When Buying a Horse

1. Looking for a bargain. Basically, you get what you pay for. Now I'm not saying you need to buy a $10,000 trail riding horse, but you need to buy … [Read more...]

The Flying Hawaiian

Back in the early nineties, A.C. Ekker had an international trail ride business called Cabalgata International. He would take people on trail rides … [Read more...]

The Great Gallery

If you like old Indian stuff, like I do, one of the most spectacular sites for Indian rock art is the Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon. The first … [Read more...]

Fresh Horses

There was a time when a fresh horse was real important to a cowboy. In the world we live in now it can mean trouble to a lot of people. Spring is just … [Read more...]

Soft in the Bridle

What do you think of when you think of a horse  being soft in the bridle, or light mouthed? To me it's more to do with a horse being soft all the way … [Read more...]