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Gathering Wild Cattle

For those who have never had the experience, gathering wild cattle is very different than handling gentle cattle. Sometimes you have to forget … [Read more...]

Remembering A.C. Ekker

Starting in 1990 I had the opportunity to work for A.C. Ekker. He had a ranch in Southeast Utah in the area called Robbers Roost. I worked for him for … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned

Riding Rainbow Back in the mid-eighties, I was working for a ranch that wintered their cattle on the San Rafael Desert. Sometimes to supplement my … [Read more...]

The Dude Rides

One of the things I'll always remember the most about the time I spent at Robbers Roost is the dude rides. Because of the hot summers and cold winters … [Read more...]

Cold Desert Night

In the high desert country of southeastern Utah, the weather can get pretty extreme. I've seen it get 110 degrees in the summer, and 25 below in the … [Read more...]

Tavaputs Ranch

In the late nineties I had the opportunity to go up to Tavaputs Plateau, in the Bookcliffs of eastern Utah. I got to know the Jensen family, who … [Read more...]

The Horse Trade

When I first started riding on San Rafael desert, in the early eighties, I was working for Gurney Land and Livestock. They ran their cattle on some … [Read more...]

Wild Bull Story

The range out at the robbers roost is quite unique. It's basically high desert, with big flats that disappear into big slick rock canyons. When A.C. … [Read more...]

The Flying Hawaiian

Back in the early nineties, A.C. Ekker had an international trail ride business called Cabalgata International. He would take people on trail rides … [Read more...]

The Great Gallery

If you like old Indian stuff, like I do, one of the most spectacular sites for Indian rock art is the Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon. The first … [Read more...]