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Coyote Hunting

One fall out at the Robbers Roost, we were gathering cattle. A.C’s uncle Ted Ekker came out to help for a while. Ted was getting were he couldn’t ride much anymore, so A.C. had him driving truck for us.

We were down on The Spur gathering wild cattle. In a big flat there we had several head of cattle tied down or tied to trees. We were trying to get the truck to them to get them loaded.

Suddenly a coyote came trotting over the hill. A.C. hollered to Ted, there’s a rifle in the truck, get it and shoot that coyote. Ted scrambled through the piles of coats and other stuff in the truck, and finally came up with a rifle. Luckily the coyote wasn’t too wild.

Ted raised the gun up and fired. Then he fired again. Then he fired again. He fired until the gun was empty. The coyote just trotted over the hill.

Ted lowered the gun, and hollered at the coyote “And don’t come back!”