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Indian Story

I heard a story one time about a government agent that went out to the Indian reservation to visit with the chief. After visiting for a while the government agent invited the chief to go to town with him for lunch. The chief agreed, and off they went.

After lunch they were driving out across the desert to the reservation, the chief noticed how fast the white man was driving so he asked him. “Aren’t worried about your engine heating up,  going so fast on such a hot day?” The white man proceeded to explain to the chief that the air flowing over the engine and through the radiator would keep the engine cool, and the faster you went the more air would flow.

The chief thought about that all the way home. When he got home he got on his horse and headed across the desert as fast as it would run. He ran his horse for miles until the horse finally dropped dead.

The chief walked around the horse a couple of times assessing the situation. Finally said “huh, froze to death.”


  1. Heather says:

    Haha. Good humor.