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Rope Training

IMAG0007When I worked for A.C. Ekker, we spent much of our time in the winter training rope horses. He had a little grey horse named Casino I was riding. He seemed to be a little bothered by the rope. I was just riding him around, slowly swinging my rope. When he would get bothered, I would slow it down a little. Making progress, but not very fast.

A.C.’s arena was right in front of his house. He had been watching me out the window. Thought he would give me a hand. He came out with his dark glasses on, may have been drinking a little. Walked into the arena and said let me ride your horse.

I got off, handed him the reins. He got on, picked up my rope and told me to take the bridle off. I looked up at him to see if he was serious. He was serious.

I took the bridle off, and he started swinging my rope as hard as he could swing it. The little grey horse was running as fast as he could go around the arena. Good thing I had the gate shut. A.C. just kept swinging the rope, and Casino just kept running.

Finally, Casino was starting to get tired of this. He started looking for a way out. He kept running back and forth between the gate and the roping boxes. After a good stop, and a quick roll back in the heeling box, A.C. fell off.

I hurried over to see if he was alright. He stood up with the rope still in his hand. Handed me the rope and said, “god damn that was scary”.

A.C. went back in the house and I didn’t see him the rest of the day.  I caught Casino, put the bridle back on, then just smiled and started over.


  1. glo allen says:

    And yes……he was probably 2 sheets to the wind! and Casino was the first horse I rode when I met AC in Dulce, NM……..this story made me laugh. God, I miss him!
    thanks don for sharing

    • Glo, I appreciate you taking the time to read this. A.C. was surely one of a kind. I miss him too.
      Thanks, Don