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Practical Horsemanship Videos

Groundwork Essentials

Groundwork Essentials



Does your horse respect you on the ground?

Do you wish you had a better relationship with your horse?

In this video you’ll learn to accomplish both.

This video is raw unedited footage of just the way it

happens with a horse that hasn’t had any groundwork.

Riding Essentials

two track


Do you know what the six basic maneuvers are that you

can use to teach your horse just about anything?

This video will teach the six basic maneuvers, and how to start

refining and combining them so you can start doing more

advanced maneuvers. These maneuvers are the basis for

everything else you’ll ever do with your horse.

To check out these videos plus more check out my Vimeo page.   CLICK HERE

We’ll be adding new videos all the time.